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How could you describe about “missing someonepeople” …..?
It can be wanting h** to be near you or just to see h** for some hours or talk to h** on the phone or even only see h** photograph. 😯
I don’t remember when was the last time i missed so many people at once. it’s very annoying for me because i want to get them even only hearing the voice. 😦
Friday4pm. My loneliness was cured some with many different ways — seeing h** photograph, hearing h** voice and seeing h** from short-distance. My memories of old days of how things being solved walking through my eyes.. These people i can not share here… 8)
Imoenk is the person whom i missed most. He is…

He is my brother who stay 300-km from me. I asked him to go home last wednesday — to be with me on Saturday till Monday morning. For all these years, this is the first time when i missed him so badly. I worry so much for what I felt — why i missed him so badly — is he okay? Will I be okay? That’s why i pushed him to go home on the weekend.
After few phone calls, in friday morning he said, “Sis, i’ll be there. This time i’ll make my promise. No need to worry. I play futsal in the afternoon so i’ll take the last bus tonight. And i’ll be arrive at dawn. I promised u, sis!”. I replied, “Please keep your promise. Inform me tonight as soon as u get it.” I did asked him to go by bus because i found no good reason why should i allow him to ride his motorcylce at midnight about 8 hours & alone!
Friday 10pm. No call rings me – nor short-message came. None info I got from Imoenk. I was so worry. I can’t have dinner even my hubby push me to. I try hard to sleep by closing my both eyes tightly. Then, it’s already 2am & i asked myself as if asked to Imoenk, “dek, it’s saturday already. where are you? will you be here at dawn?”. None answer i heard, only winds passed by my ears and tears began. “I should be stronger if he is not appear again.” But tears drops heavier ’till i slept away… 😥 😥 😥
Saturday 7.40am. Dawn was passed, the sun already appeared almost 2 hours. By looking at the sun-brightness, my body should be warm but i was not. I felt very cold here — here at my heart. I decide not to cry (infact tears in my cheek). I go outside, about 2 steps from fence to say hi to neighbor. When suddenly a rider with choco-jacket & black-motorcycle appears from the corner & stop beside me. “Nice body figure he has. 😉 Very match with his big bike. But it doesn’t mean that it’s polite to stop beside me! Right?!!” 😡
He handed off his hands and take his fullface helmet… I saw the smile that i missed these last 4-days. Yup, Imoenk my brother is coming. He kept his promise! None i could do except reach him, hug him & kiss his cheek. And my happy tears falling.. 😀
But as an-eleven-years-older-sister, i still mumbles, “why u didn’t answer my calls?” He replied slightly, “You wouldn’t allow me riding it. You may asked the bus, where u could pick-me-up & arrival time, right? How could i answer those questions?” He made excuse with all the smiley that i can’t resist. He is right. I should be thankful God for his safety. Alhamdulillah. 🙂
…. and i have two-days-story that i might share with you someday….
To my handsome dearest brother, thanks for not breaking my heart by visiting me as promised. I enjoyed the last two days with you! Very proud walking beside. I can’t wait to walk with you again in the mall 🙂

– source: a little scratch that i found this morning –


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