Selling with solution : Pop-Mie

November 5, 2007 at 7:17 am Leave a comment

Herewith picture i’d taken months ago at Sinar-Jaya bus. Bus was left Jakarta at 8 am and i arrived at Comal (before Pekalongan) about 3.30 pm. The bus was transit for morning break around 10 & lunch at 12 somewhere (i don’t remember where).
There was a man sells Pop-Mie in the bus when we transit for break at 10 am. Pop mie is a instant cup noodles that ready to be eat after it led stand in boiling water after 3 minutes .
I do impress with the way how he sells Pop-Mie both chicken flavor & beef flavor. He sells both Pop-mie & its water so you can eat it asap. With cost Rp 5,000 we can have a ready-to-eat pop-mie. 😎
Look at the picture where he is placing all pop mie around his vacuum flask.
It is a little important things to sell your product with solution…. 💡
The basic prize for pop-mie is less than Rp 1,500 but the solution can be sold expensively …
We can not find hot water at that time, right? 😮

I wonder if I & you & we can sell things with solution in it ❓



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