World Heritage vs 7 wonders

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walaupun aku emang lagi belon mood nulis.. tapi ini bener2 bikin gemes campur geram….

inget 7 keajaiban dunia, yg di ajarkan di sekolah? dan daftarnya makin banyak menurut UNESCO… baca di Borobudur Indonesia, Piramyd Mesir, Great wall China, Menara Eiffel Perancis, Hanging Garden (Taman gantung) di Babylonia, Sphix Mesir, Taj Mahal India
Yg dilakukan UNESCO bertujuan untuk pelestarian: “Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations.”

kemudian, kontradiksi thd yg dilakukan UNESCO dimana daftarnya bertambah panjang.. ehh ternyata ada pemilihan pooling yg dilakukan untuk menentukan HANYA 7 keajaiban dunia versi 07-07-2007… yg ditutup 6 juli 2007. pooling ini dilakukan melalui website, sms & telp. dimana yg menjadi pemenang pooling :Chichén Itzá (kota tua Maya) di Mexico; Christ Redeemer (Patung Yesus) di Brazil; The Great Wall di China; Machu Picchu di Peru; Petra (puing2 taman Petra) di Jordan; The Roman Colloseum di Italy; The Taj Mahal di IndiaUNESCO sendiri, tidak mendukung hal ini .. dapat dibaca di yg intinya dimana apa yg menjadi kriteria sangatlah berbeda… dimana UNESCO menjunjung world heritage, dan pak Weber adalah menggalang dana untuk pembangunan kembali patung di Afganistan — yg bisa di baca di ….
Kita– di Indonesia ajah, ngk ada tuh yg namanya pooling tsb.. coba kalo ada.. pasti banyak yg ngusulin & memilih Borobodur, Prambanan & benda2 arkeologi… krn terletak di Indonesia & penduduk Indonesia tuh kan banyak…..

menurutku, tidak lah adil utk melakukan pooling terhadap keajaiban dunia … karena keterbasan dalam banyak hal, misal lokasi pooling, kepengetahuan peserta pooling terhadap kondisi di tempat…

dan jika kita sekarang browsing untuk mencari keajaiban 7 dunia, maka buuaannyaaakk.. (saking banyaknya) website-website yg sepertinya dimiliki oleh orang yg sama… bainwash

ini aku copy paste dari website-nya UNESCO…..

UNESCO confirms that it is not involved in the “New 7 wonders of the world” campaign

In order to avoid any damaging confusion, UNESCO wishes to reaffirm that there is no link whatsoever between UNESCO’s World Heritage programme, which aims to protect world heritage, and the current campaign concerning “The New 7 Wonders of the World”.

This campaign was launched in 2000 as a private initiative by Bernard Weber, the idea being to encourage citizens around the world to select seven new wonders of the world by popular vote.
Although UNESCO was invited to support this project on several occasions, the Organizaton decided not to collaborate with Mr. Weber.
UNESCO’s objective and mandate is to assist countries in identifying, protecting and preserving World Heritage. Acknowledging the sentimental or emblematic value of sites and inscribing them on a new list is not enough. Scientific criteria must be defined, the quality of candidates evaluated, and legislative and management frameworks set up. The relevant authorities must also demonstrate commitment to these frameworks as well as to permanently monitoring the state of conservation of sites. The task is one of technical conservation and political persuasion. There is also a clear educational role with respect to the sites’ inherent value, the threats they face and what must be done to prevent their loss.
There is no comparison between Mr Weber’s mediatised campaign and the scientific and educational work resulting from the inscription of sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage List*. The list of the “7 New Wonders of the World” will be the result of a private undertaking, reflecting only the opinions of those with access to the internet and not the entire world. This initiative cannot, in any significant and sustainable manner, contribute to the preservation of sites elected by this public.


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