Toddler & baby bedroom for Naysa & Uhung

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Description & background:The project was done for 2.5 m x 2.75 m guest room. The wall base color is lily-white that seem cream to me 😀 We did the remodeling & ordered a white-simple-customize transitional bed as gift for our 2-years daughter Naysa. We do hope by having it, she’d like to sleepover in her own bedroom. It’s quite difficult to have both 2years daughter & 2months son in our 15m2 bedroom heheheheheee…. 

Remodeling decision: strip decorative, border wallpaper & stickers

Furniture: Naysa’s new white-simple-customize transitional bed, Uhung’s new white baby box and Pooh’s  wall clock 

Summary:We turned the lily-white-color guest bedroom to be a cheerful children bedroom by repainting & remodeling it ‘n keeping the lily white color as the base color.When my right-brain made its imagination, it started with choosing mural as decorative paintings. Then my fingers, eyes n left-brain do their jobs.. we read some books, browsed the Internet… then I change my mind…..I chose strip as the method for balancing the-animal-border-wallpaper (bear, giraffe, tiger, monkey etc) and Pooh ‘n friends stikers above it. We ( I ‘n hubby) finally use family color of lily-white by tinting two different colors. So we got a dynamic & cheerful room but still in soft-tone to soften her mood. However, it is a children bedroom – room to sleepover not for playing. So bright temptation color should be avoided, right? Hehehe….Last, I found that doing painting is quiet simple as I thought, but having creative painting is more challenging and useful for my right-brain. So if I may suggest you – then I would say: get some days off, do re-decorative your walls yourself– you may get surprised to the satisfaction you’ll get – both in the room result & the partnership with your husband/wife! Tips : Start from the smallest room of course. Maybe un-prevalent room is better. 

Project upside-down:First, striped was chosen. I decide to use 5cm tapes. Hoping this strip-size is not too narrow for the-13cm-border above it. The-2.5cm tape is IDR 3500 and the-5cm is IDR 6500. For 2.5mx2.75m-room, we need approx 11-13 tapes for 5cm-tape or 22-24 tapes for 2.5cm-tape. Due to expensive tapes and adhere time consuming, it’s canceled.Then I chose sponging. But large-sponging cost IDR 150,000 in Mitra-10. Once again, the method was canceled. Then we picked ragging because the roll and its handle cost less than IDR 60,000 in Ace Hardware. The upper color was green to make color balance for the border-wallpaper ‘n to give soft calm effect as tree. We made green color by mixing white Vinilex and green-tinter-from ICI(bought in Mitra-10) . After applied in two-walls, painted was stopped ‘n dropped cause the result was far from what we imagine. It’s hard to applied due to roll can’t be used in non-flatted wall. It was the wall actually-not the roll 😛  We also tried to have 5cm-green-strip which gave us smaller-size-room-perspective result. Doing ragging is quiet difficult also – we had to have the same steady power to rag it.This unsatisfactory result caused us to apply strip-decorative back. We repaint the wall with lily white for base color. The 5cm-stripe was too narrow for both border-wallpaper and room size so I decided to use 2.5cm-stripe. This time, we decide to use family color of lily white instead of green as used before. The family color is done by tinting two parts of white lily (brand Q-luc from Nipponpaint) and one part of jasmine (brand Q-luc from Nipponpaint). The result was perfect to me – both from strip perspective and color perspective. Then the stickers ‘n border-walpaper are adhered. Wall decoration is complete. The last things we done are put Naysa’s new bed ‘n Uhung’s new baby box in placed. Now, remodeling & redecoration is 100% completed. Wow! We did satisfy with the result. I believe you are agree with me……


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me & me Decorative Painting Technique

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