Decorative Painting Technique

April 5, 2007 at 11:24 am 1 comment

It is the simplest way for amateur like me. You need only the stencil (could be found in Ace Hardware). It’s considered the easiest, fastest ‘n cheapest way.But I thought this is too simple for the kids since only leaf & star stencils that available in Ace Pondok Indah. My experience, Ace Puri is richer in painting areas – but we don’t have time to go there. Traffic jam is what I am avoiding in this exciting week.
Difficulty level : Easy
Tips :
1.  do practice in a paper & mark the walls to sharpen the imagination into real.
2.  use alphabet stencils will make your children happy
3.  though using spray is easier than using brush, be careful so you’ll not coloring the unwanted paint areas

It is not suggested for small room but if you really want it, you may apply it only in one-open-side and let other side in one softer color. Difficulty level : Hard
1. Choose non-TV-character theme if you not convince with the mural (or your self hihihiii). Free themes such as animals, sky are easier to be done.
2. Start from kinder garden. Why? Because you can see mural artist result best.
3. Find your college-students-neighbor. Having template in drawing book first would be safe you from heart attack… you know what I mean, right? 
4. Use stickers as alternative – like what I did. Combining small & large stickers are fun. ‘Till I write this blog, I only find these size combination stickers in Mitra-10 with limited pictures: helicopter, car, locomotive, girl-skirt. For characters stickers are available in Ace Hardware ‘n Mitra-10.

Narrow strip is best for small room when wider strip is work only for big room. As known, vertical strip will make the wall higher, when horizontal strip will make the wall wider. You can also use many combine colors & size in each strip. Striping needs your accuracy, patience.
Difficulty level : Easy/Medium
Tips :
1.  use tape-size as the strip size so you can reduce time consumption.
2. use the family color rather than colorful for amateur
3.  use darker color for lower part of the wall

Sponging is good for both small and large room. It need your steady hand to give a constant pressure power. You can add many color layer though I believe three color include base color is sufficient enough for our eyes.
Difficulty level : Easy/Medium
Tips : do not ever try to use 3M-wash sponge though it’s consider as expensive wash sponge. I did try ‘n it’s not match hehehheee

This method can be done by using roll or plastic. It need your patience & partner to do. Use roll for flat surface, and plastic for problem-wall.
Difficulty level : Medium/Hard 

Difficulty level description :
Easy : It can be done by yourself alone
Medium : It can be done by yourself alone or with partner. It need more patience 
Hard : It really need partner to do and some experience in other technique


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  • 1. adesign108  |  June 15, 2007 at 1:35 am

    ada konten yg pake bahasa kagak yak… 😀


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