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May 18, 2006 at 8:37 am Leave a comment

hhhhmm i believe this is my time .. to write some in english… since what happened last night… though i write about me and greeting in english.. but mostly i write in bahasa for my posts…… 🙂

last night, when i talked to these guys… that unfortunately prefer reading in english ..(though may be they know bahasa a little:P )….. they’d like to read my blogs… but it’s cancelled ‘coz my posts are not in english (yet)…..

so…. from now on.. posting are both in bahasa and english…..  hope you read it sir… and we have a chance to meet again.. hihihihihhiiiiii …..

btw..  i found it’s very hard to login wordpress these days with mozilla… therefore i use IE …….


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